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Creative Therapy Room. We are a therapist community social enterprise base in the heart of Bristol.

What we do

Counselling and Therapy

We provide and help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes.

What we offer
Walk and Talk
Couples Therapy
Famly Therapy
Group Therapy
Creative sndytay
Adult Dyslexic support group

Creative Therapy Rooms

Our team of export and experienced counsellors offering short and long-term counselling. Any profit is used to help us learn the best ways to deliver psychological services back to the local communities.

Our Practitioners

All therapists are qualified to practice and hold full professional insurance. Therapists should be contacted directly via their email or mobile details given on this website.

Duncan Leckie

Clinical Hypnotherapist

E: contact@duncanleckie.co.uk
W: duncanleckie.co.uk
T:  0117 929 1536
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Duncan Leckie

Clinical Hypnotherapist 
& Registered Nurse
My name is Duncan Leckie and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Registered Nurse based in central Bristol.

My approach is non-judgemental, constructive and I am absolutely committed to helping you achieve the positive changes you wish to make.

I became interested in hypnotherapy after speaking to friends who had successfully used it to overcome a phobia and quit smoking. I was impressed by their results and how it changed their lives for the better. This led me to training at the Clifton Practice, a recognised leader and centre of excellence for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

I hope to impart my enthusiasm and my belief that hypnotherapy really does work, and that simple changes can make dramatic positive results to people’s lives.

I like my sessions to be informal, thought provoking and everyone to leave with a smile. I have full enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Clearance (DBS), fully insured and I am happy to provide evidence of this as requested.
I am a Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).
W. duncanleckie.co.uk
T. 0117 929 1536

Helen May

Integrative Counsellor

E: helenmay.counselling@gmail.com
W: helenmaycounselling.co.uk
T:  07566 834 107
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Helen May

Integrative Counselling
Our relationships to others are how we make sense of the world, and ourselves. Central to our work together will be the relationship you and I can build together; one that I hope will be safe, collaborative, and genuine. We can use this relationship as a lens through which to view the other relationships in your life; both with others and with yourself.

Over time, we learn different ‘roles’ and ways of being that we inhabit, depending on who we are around. These serve a purpose, but it can make it hard to know who we truly are.One of the principal theories of humanistic counselling is that if you can show the hidden parts of yourself to someone who will accept and respect you, you will in turn learn to accept and respect yourself. This doesn’t mean I will never challenge you, or experiment with looking at a situation in a different way; but it does mean that I will aim to create a space in which you feel heard and understood, and where your agency and autonomy are held in high regard.
E. helenmay.counselling.co.uk
W. helenmaycounselling.co.uk
T. 07566 838 107

Rachel Yarrow

Humanistic Integrative

E: yarrowcounselling@gmail.com
W: rachelyarrowcounselling.co.uk
T:  07813 754 291
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Rachel Yarrow

Humanistic Integrative
I am a warm empathetic counsellor based in North and Central Bristol .
I have lots of experience working with others around transition and change, including young people as they explore new challenges and responsibilities. In addition I have specific experience working with people with autism and aspergers. As well as being a fully qualified and registered counsellor, I also bring a wealth of life experiences to my work. I have spent over 30 years working and volunteering with vulnerable children, young people and adults, supporting them in discovering the very best they can be. Through my social work career I have developed a strong empathy and understanding of the impact of life difficulties, trauma and loss upon individuals and families. My experience includes working with adults with mental health  difficulties, young people and adults with autism, young people in care, disabled children and young adults and parent carers.
E. yarrowcounselling@gmail.com
W. rachelyarrowcounselling.co.uk
T. 07813 754 291
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Alex King

Counselling & Psychotherapy

E: info@alexking-counselling.co.uk.
W: alexking-counselling.co.uk
T:  07786 838 499
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Anna Ferris

Integrative Counselling

E: wildpathcounselling.co.uk.
T: 07989 683 898
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